Royal Reflections: King David

• Gain insights from the life of a legendary biblical figure.

• Apply timeless wisdom to your daily life.

• Cultivate courage in the face of challenges.

• Deepen your faith journey through reflection.

• Connect with the enduring legacy of King David.

“Royal Reflections” is not just a journal; it’s a guided exploration into the heart of King David’s experiences, offering you a chance to discover profound wisdom, cultivate courage, and deepen your faith. Let the story of this shepherd king inspire your own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Order your journal today and embark on a royal adventure within the pages of your own reflections.

Embark on a transformative journey with “Royal Reflections: Discovering Wisdom, Courage, and Faith Through the Legacy of a Shepherd King.” This 20-day prompted journal invites you to delve into the inspiring story of King David, a shepherd who became a legendary king, through daily scriptures, reflective prompts, and heartfelt prayers.


1. Daily Scripture from David’s Life: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of King David’s life with carefully selected daily scriptures. Explore the highs and lows of his journey, drawing inspiration from his profound relationship with God.

2. Journal Prompts Inspired by David’s Legacy: Uncover timeless lessons from David’s experiences with thought-provoking prompts designed to deepen your understanding of wisdom, courage, and faith. Connect the ancient stories to your modern life and find resonance in the enduring themes of David’s legacy.

3. Ample Writing Space for Reflection: Let your thoughts flow freely with ample space for journaling. If the page beckons for more, turn to the back and continue your exploration of the lessons embedded in David’s story.

4. Daily Prayer Section: Conclude each day with a moment of introspection and connection through prayer. The bottom of each page is dedicated to your personal dialogue with the divine, allowing you to express gratitude, seek guidance, and strengthen your faith.

Start each day with intention, guided by the wisdom of scripture, and watch as your personal and spiritual growth flourishes. Embrace the journey within, one day at a time.


Why are these not on Amazon? I can’t sell a physical book on Amazon and give the content away for free on my website.

Is the printable really free? Yes. There are two paid versions, one for $5 and one for $10, but that is only if you feel compelled to pay. The website plugin to allow visitors to “pay what they want” costs money, and I’m trying to keep costs down so I did it this way.

Does the printable look just like the physical copy? No. The physical copy has front and back covers the printable does not have. The printable is the same content. It’s received as a black/white pdf download.

How long does it take to receive physical copies? It will take 2-4 weeks to receive physical copies. Physical copies are sent to print when ordered.

Do you accept returns? No. In order to keep costs down, if you purchase a physical copy, there are no returns or exchanges. There are no refunds on digital copies either as you can get it free so if you choose to pay $5 or $10 for the copy, that was your choice. I hate having to write policies, but after working customer service for so many years, I know they’re needed.

How do I get my download? You’ll see the option to download on your order confirmation page, or you can download from your email confirming your order.