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Eating the rainbow

Wait, what? I hired a dietician to help me make better choices for myself and my family. Her recommendation is to “eat the rainbow” in fruits and vegetables. That was an ah-ha moment for me. Along with weekly menus helping us eat more fruits a veggies, we’re also trying a new fruit or a vegetable! Check it out! 

The perfect solution for us

We are in some crazy times. Never in a million years did I think I’d be homeschooling, but here I am. My older kids went through the public school system. One is still there. I wasn’t comfortable with my littles starting school during all of the COVID chaos. I want them to have fun and enjoy school, and the best way for them to do that right now is through homeschooling. Follow me to learn tips, tricks and exactly how I’m teaching the littles while still working and maintaining a home. 

Keeping it flowing

“Household” involves much more than just the house. Cleaning, organizing, decorating, budgeting, saving and MORE! I hate to clean, fold clothes, budget, pay bills, and basically do all of that boring “adult stuff,” but guess what? It HAS to be done. Join me on this journey to keep it all going without falling apart! 

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