Yellow Week – Week of September 21, 2020

Hi ya’ll!!

This week is yellow week! I’m also really excited because I made my first video to talk about this week. These posts may change depending on what ya’ll may say. Or they may stay the same if no one reads it, sees my video or says anything, ha!

As mentioned previously, I am “eating the rainbow” in fruits and vegetables.

Yellow fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants to help fight cancer. They contain Vitamin A to help improve the skin. There are more benefits, but those are the two that stuck out to me the most.

This week, my two meals are:

  • Fajitas with yellow bell pepper
  • Grilled chicken with yellow squash

We are trying a PINEAPPLE. Yes, we’ve had pineapple, and we LOVE pineapple. But I’ve never cut a pineapple myself. I’ve only ever purchased pre-cut so I’m hoping I don’t screw it up.

Breakfast is overnight oats, and lunch is an “adult lunchable.” Those are super easy to make. I use Triscuits, cheese, lunchmeat, vegetables and fruit.

The kids have something on their menu M-F. I made them kid friendly, EASY meals. I meal prep on Sundays for my two meals. I’m keeping it simple ya’ll!

I made a video and put it on YouTube. It’s pretty bad. But maybe I’ll get better as time progresses. My editing skills are pretty good when I edit video for my clients but not too good for myself:

If ya’ll want more detail on how I make my breakfast or my lunch, let me know.

If ya’ll want to know what I’m making for the kids, let me know.

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