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mint cacao dupe smoothie for breakfast

Mint / Cacao Dupe Smoothie - Mint Chocolate Chip

Tastes like dessert, but it's breakfast!

Course Breakfast
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Servings 1 person


  • 1 Banana
  • 1/2 Ripe Avocado
  • 1/2 cup Frozen Spinach I buy bags of frozen spinach because I have no idea how to freeze my own.
  • 1 tsp Peppermint Extract
  • 1 cup Almond Milk I use unsweetened vanilla
  • 1 tbsp Cacao Nibs I use these babies from Amazon: https://amzn.to/37wpvzU
  • 1 tbsp Almond Butter No sugar, no additives
  • 1 tsp Stevia I use Pyure Stevia that I get off Amazon: https://amzn.to/2SydxBq
  • 2 cups Almond Milk You can use whatever liquid you want


  1. FREEZE:

    Mix 1 tsp Peppermint Extract and 1 cup of almond milk. Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze.


    Add one banana (I cut in half), 1 half of avocado (2 slices), 1/2 c. frozen spinach, 3 mint/almondmilk ice cubes and 1tsp cacao nibs to a freezer baggie.


    Empty freezer baggie of yummies into your blender. Add the Stevia, Almond Butter and almond milk (or whatever liquid). I cover my frozen items with almond milk so about two cups. You'll learn if it's too thick or too runny and know how much liquid you like.

    Blend, pour into a cup, use a reusable straw and ENJOY!

    Cacao + Mint Dupe Smoothie