Vitchelo Waterproof Backpack Review

I received the Vitchelo Waterproof Backpack in exchange for my review. This backpack is great for kayaking, fishing, hiking….anything you can think of where water is or could be involved.

When you’re out there doing your thing, you don’t want to worry about your things inside your bag getting wet! That’s where the Vitchelo Waterproof Backpack comes in! This bag is nice size. It’s a great color that’s very versatile. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. There’s also a waist strap for that added security that you wont lose your bag.

We tested the bag in the bathtub because it’s been too cold in Texas to go to the lake. In my video review, I said it was unseasonably cold which was a total dork move. It is the season for cold; however, it’s Texas. So we’re not used to it.

We stuffed a towel in the bag and zipped it up. We submerged the bag in the tub. There was one little spot of water on the towel when we removed it. For that, I wouldn’t recommend total submersion; however, if that’s all your stuff is getting wet in total submersion, it’s still better protection than a regular backpack would provide if it got wet.

As a bonus, the bag also comes with an iphone pouch. Really, any kind of phone will fit in it. I didn’t know how to close it. I fiddled with it for awhile, and I couldn’t figure it out. In comes my 13 year old who figured it out! She tested it by putting one of her socks in it, sealing it up and then submerging it in the tub water.  It stayed dry!

If you’re interested in reading more about this bag or picking one up for yourself or someone you know, you can find it here on Amazon: I received the #Vitchelo Waterproof Backpack in exchange for my review. We tested this bag in the tub since the weather’s been too crazy to go to the lake. Two thumbs up. I don’t recommend total submersion, although there was just a spot of water that had leaked onto our towel in total submersion. This would be great for anyone out on a boat or who may want their stuff protected if caught in the rain. You can find it here on Amazon:

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