Salad Cutter Bowl Product Review

Everyone has seen the Salad Cutter Bowl on the Facebook ads, right? I know I have! When I was offered the chance to review one by purchasing at a discounted rate, I took it. I like a good chopped salad. I like kitchen gadgets. This was a win/win!

The Salad Cutter Bowl has a “sink” around the bottom base that catches juice as you cut your salad so you don’t make a mess on the counter. There are two rotation wings added to both sides to enable easy rotating when chopping. It’s also made with BPA free materials so no need to worry about endangering your health. If you actually think about that sort of thing.

When using it, I found that you do have to press down hard with your knife when you’re cutting through the bowl, or you’ll have chunks. It also was harder for me to rotate the first time. I don’t know what I did wrong. I think I over thought it. In my review video on YouTube, I sliced some green leaf lettuce. When I was done, I had little ribbons of lettuce.

The Salad Cutter Bowl is $12.99 on Amazon. You can find it here:, or you can use my links above. 😉

If you eat many salads, it really does make it easy to toss everything in this bowl and end up with a chopped salad in about a minute or two. I love my kitchen gadgets, and this is one I’ll be using. I actually use most of my gadgets. I really don’t offer to review any products that I wouldn’t use myself.

Merry Christmas!

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