PetExpert Retractable Dog Leash Product Review

When given the chance to purchase this product at a discount in exchange for my review, of course I said yes! I have two dogs, and I love them very much. Leashes always come in handy. The Pet Expert Retractable Dog Leash is 16-feet! It’s a ribbon dog leash that’s tangle free. The handle is also anti-slip so you really get a good grip.

At first, I thought “ribbon?” But it’s really sturdy! This leash is for dogs up to 110 pounds! The button brake feature is very nice. It really does stop them right in their tracks which comes in handy when I’m walking with Titan. He will go after deer and cats. But, he wont go after golf carts. If you watch my video review, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

This leash also comes with a free dog collar. The collar is a dark green, and it was way too big for Titan. It does fit Dog, but it’s as tight as it will go. It’s still loose on her. It’s doing the trick since Brian took her other collar and hid it.

Do you have a smaller dog? You can also order the Pet Expert Retractable Dog Leash for small/medium dogs.

What’s the best thing about the Pet Expert Retractable Dog Leash? It comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee! If you have any problems or don’t like it, return it!

You can find it here on Amazon:

We give this two paws up over here from our dog house. Check out my video review as well. Titan is the star…

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