Package from Santa Product Review

Package from Santa

I received the Silver Package (I think) for free in exchange for my review. It came with a Nice List Certificate (Pictured above), a personalized letter from Santa, an autographed Santa pic and an autographed Rudolph pic. I didn’t get a north pole stamp, and mine came in an envelope rather than a red box.

The letter is printed very nicely. I think I’m going to frame the letter and certificate for my son to really understand later on. He’s two so when I told him he got a letter from Santa, he was like “whatever.” He was more interested in the Rudolph pic!


Start a new and memorable tradition this Christmas

with, the ONLY Santa memory service that does it ALL! Personalized LETTERS, PACKAGES, CALLS and VIDEOS from SANTA!

Every package also comes with a FREE personalized CALL and VIDEO FROM SANTA that can be scheduled any time. I haven’t done that yet. I need to get on their website and figure out how to do that.

PFS has an A+ Rating with the BBB due to their unmatched high-touch customer service so you can be confident that you are making a wise purchase. They have real people on the phone ready to help answer questions. That’s unheard of these days! Such a nice touch.

Click here to see a video to learn more about this very special Santa memory service that will be a part of my family for years to come!

The Silver Package ($24.95) comes in a red box & includes:

Personalized Letter from Santa
BONUS! Personalized Video from Santa (retail $9.99)
BONUS! Personalized Phone Call from Santa to a cell phone OR land line! (retail $9.99)
Personalized Nice List Certificate
Autographed Santa Claus Photo
Autographed Rudolph Photo
Genuine North Pole Stamp
…and so much more!

It also comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Wow! They are THAT confident your child will LOVE it!

There are 3 different packages offered, so you can choose a price point that works with your budget. I will be reviewing the Silver package ($29.95).

Order this holiday must-have for your child at and save 25% OFF your order when you use FAMS17 at checkout.

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