MiniKIKI Phone Finger Holder Product Review

I received the MiniKIKI Phone Finger Holder in Rose Gold at a discounted price in exchange for my review.

Emily has one of those pop-thingies on the back of her phone so I thought this one would be cool. I like the twisty ring. I received it, and I stuck it on my phone case. It really sticks on strongly. The ring does rotate. It’s great as a kickstand. It’s really pretty neat.

My phone has a fingerpad for fingerprint recognition and the camera on the back of the phone so I wasn’t able to center my MiniKIKI Phone Finger Holder. I think I would have liked that better because I can’t really kickstand it vertically the way it’s positioned now. However, I can kickstand it horizontal now, and that’s come in handy.

The instructions say that these will pull off and restick. I haven’t tried it yet so I’m not sure. I’m also not sure I’d want to stick this on my phone itself just incase it doesn’t come off or leaves residue, but I was good sticking it on my phone case. Rose gold doesn’t match my phone case, but it’s cool. I’m at an age where it’s more about function than appearance lol.

This is $5.99 on Amazon, and it comes with TWO of the MiniKIKI Phone Finger Holders, two dash mounts for your car that the rings fit into, AND a bonus lanyard!! I don’t have the lanyard for the review because it’s disappeared. I’m pretty sure my 2 year old had something to do with the disappearance of the lanyard, and I’m confident it’ll show back up soon.

This would make an excellent gift or stocking stuffer! I’m giving the second one I received to Emily for her iPhone.

The MiniKIKI Phone Finger older comes in black, silver, rose red and rose gold. You can find them here on Amazon:

You also can see my video review below. The lighting in my house is terrible. My dogs decided to start playing before the video is over so you get to hear that as well. I should probably be embarrassed of the quality of my video reviews. I’m not, but I probably should be lol. #Minikiki

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