Le Gusto Premium Kitchen Shears Product Review

I received the Le Gusto Premium Kitchen Shears at a discount. The links in the post are my affiliate Amazon link EXCEPT the link at the end. My kitchen scissors end up in my kids’ rooms so I was pretty stoked to receive these. I like using them to cut chicken. Me and knives don’t always make the best combination.

These scissors come in a plastic sleeve. There’s also a plastic cover over the blades. Fancy. The blades are stainless steel, and they’re super sharp. There’s also a bottle opener on the blades. You can use the babies to cut poultry, snip herbs, cut the roots off of vegetables, crack nuts, open bottles and more! These are the nicest kitchen shears I’ve ever owned.

They cost $11.95 on Amazon. These would make an excellent addition to any kitchen, or they’d make a great gift. Christmas is coming up so everything will make a great gift! 🙂

You can find them here —> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N6DYYRL

I also did a video review. I turned my camera during the review, so you’ll have to turn your head sideways, ha. Otherwise, I get the point across. I’m still really new to video reviews, and I’m still learning. Enjoy!



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