Kitchen Knife Sharpener Product Review

Kitchen Knife Sharpener

I received this 3-in-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener at a discount in exchange for my review. When given this opportunity, I took it because I’ve never owned a knife sharpener. I used to have some really nice Kitchen Aid knives that I fought for at Target a few years ago on Black Friday. I just have a few knives left. Where do knives go? They’re probably with all of my forks and spoons because those seem to disappear as well.

Anyway, I really liked the handle on the sharpener and the grippers on the bottom of the unit. It really made it easy to sharpen the knives because it doesn’t slip and slide around.

There are 3-stages. One is for knives that are already sharp, another for knives that need somewhat of a touchup, and there’s another stage for damaged and dull knives. It’s really easy to pull the knives through. You pull them through from root to tip 5-10 times. I did it 5 times, and I could really feel the way it had sharpened.

I mince vegetables because I cook quite a bit. It will make a huge difference having sharp knives. I just hope I don’t cut my fingers off lol.

This Kitchen Knife Sharpener costs $14.99 on Amazon. You can find it here:

Or you can go through my link by clicking here. It’s my affiliate link. Show some love lol.

If you want to see my YouTube review, here it is. My videos are horizontal now which is cool. However, it looked much clear on my phone. When I uploaded it to YouTube, it got kinda blurry so I’m not sure how to keep the quality. I’m learning. Hopefully one day my videos wont be so amateur. 🙂

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