Hello 2019: The Year of Growth

2019: The Year of Growth | A Texas Mom

2019 already, and for me, this will be the year of growth. Each year, I have a focus. Throughout December, my thoughts keep leading me to growth. So I decided 2019 will be my year of growth.

There are so many areas of our lives where we should be, need to be, growing. God didn’t make us just to become stagnant. We have one life so we don’t need to waste it. I wanted to share with you the areas I plan on growing in the year.


My spiritual growth is extremely important to me, and it’s needed. When I drift away from God, He tugs at my heart until I find my way back. I have a few Bible journals, and one of my goals is to spend more time reading the Word, reflecting, praying, expressing my gratefulness for my blessings while journaling each day. Reading my Bible and praying is like food for my soul.

I received a journal back in December from Cultivate What Matters. They offer many products that are goal-driven and help you grow spiritually and personally. I received a daily Bible journal called Cultivate Forgiveness. Let go and let God.

My life may not be ideal, and I’ve been through some pretty crazy storms to get where I am, but ultimately, I am so blessed. Health, healthy kids, healthy grandson, great job, great dogs, house, car, food in the fridge….I could go on and on. I want to make it a priority to continue thanking God for all He’s done for me. After all, if we aren’t thankful for what we have now, how can we expect Him to bless us with more?


Family can be stressful, yet these are the people we love the most. I will continue to make it a priority to focus on my family this year and spending more time with them.

Last year, I was working so much that when I took a Saturday off, my kids thought I got fired. That’s not how I want to live, and that was eye opening for me. This year I want to make spending time together meaningful. I want to make memories. I am a workaholic so cutting back will take effort, but it’s worth it. They’re worth it! My babies.

We eat dinner together most nights, and I plan on keeping that up. I also want to plan more fun outings like going to the duck pond in town or to the zoo. For my older daughter, I am going to continue to encourage her to participate in extracurricular activities at school, softball, and whatever other endeavors she seeks.


This is a BIG one! I want to continue doing my best with Do It All Virtual Assistant. I’m still not certain what all God has in store for my VA business, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

I also will be launching LEA Beauty very soon so I hope to see some of you beauties there! The site is a work in progress. I wanted to launch Jan 1, but that didn’t happen. I haven’t decided when my next goal date is for launch.

LEA Beauty is something I’m doing with my daughters, if they want to help. So far, they aren’t that interested, ha. I want to encourage them to channel their inner entrepreneur. It’s a bonus we’ll be making products I’m in love with! <3 Seriously, who doesn’t love a good soak in some minty bath salts?? You HAVE to try it! (shameless plug even though you can’t order yet hehe)


That leads me to financial growth. I have NOT made the best money decisions in recent years, and that all came to a head a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve been trying to crawl out of a hole, that I dug myself, and get ahead financially.

You can read some of the things I’ve done here, 25 Small Changes that Add Up to Save Money.

I plan on continuing throughout 2019.


Last but not least, personal growth. Last year, I embarked on a journey to become more healthy and natural. I started using natural products around the house. We have all been eating better. I am going to continue on that journey for my sake and my family’s.

I also want to be someone who is positive, encouraging and helpful when people need it. I know a few people who are genuine good people, down to their core. I want to be more like that.

What are some things you’re focusing on this year? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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