Maybe. Probably. A little bit.

What am I doing with this blog? I’m not 100% sure yet for the “big picture” version of the blog. I know to start I want to share some self care, healthy eating, Bible study, random acts of kindness, home projects with the kids, stuff we’re doing, and maybe some household-type stuff. I am a single mom. Why is that important? Only because everything I do or have, I do on my own or have acquired all by myself (Celine Dion-style).

Maybe I can inspire others. That would be cool. I know we’re all here to serve a bigger purpose. For years, I’ve struggled to feel like I have any direction or what it could be. I try to think about what I really know about that I could share with people that would actually be beneficial and not a colossal waste of time.

So what do I know? I know how to work. I started my own business way, way back in 2016 that I took full–time in 2017. And I’m still doing it. I want to help others learn how to break into the remote workspace the same way I did.

I know how to raise kids and manage a household by myself. I’ve been single more than I’ve been in relationships in my adult life. Most of that is my fault because of my taste in men. One would think I would have learned after the first, or second…but nope. I went through three. And now I’m done. Traumatized. 🤣 Let’s laugh at our trauma so we don’t cry.

All jokes aside – I know how to “git r done” all by myself. I think if people want a partner, they shouldn’t settle just because they feel they need the help with the kids or financially. It is possible to stand on your own two feet, be an individual, and be with someone (the right someone) because you WANT to. Not because you need too. Maybe some of the situations I’ve been through or knowledge I have could help someone.

What else? Oh yes. So, I’ve been a mom since way, way back in 2000. I was the ripe old age of 17. I am a very sarcastic person if you haven’t noticed. I’ve always lived for my kids. Now when I was younger, I did take care of myself a little better. I made time for myself. For the last 9 years or so, I really have let my own self care slip to the back burner. I need to lose weight. I’m pretty sure I’m peri-menopause even though my doctor doesn’t seem to think so. I don’t go out and get pedicures, my hair done, etc., like I used to. I don’t make time to exercise. Or read. That needs to change!

I want to be the best version of me as possible. . .for my kids. I know they need me at my best. I need me at my best. My parents need me at my best. I have a whole lot of people who need me at my best. So I’ve got to prioritize myself, and I guess that means ya’ll get a front row seat.

Happy to have you around! Let’s see what this turns into. I work so much. I really am excited to have this space where I can just be fun.

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