Sun Tails Mermaid Tail Product Review

suntails mermaid tail pink mermaid tail

We received a Sun Tails Mermaid Tail back in November to review. It’s been unseasonably cold in Texas this year so Emi hasn’t made it down to the lake for a photo shoot, and our neighborhood pool is closed for the season.

However, I need to get a review up! Spring/Summer is almost here! It’ll be time to swim very soon, and this is very cool! Let out your inner mermaid!

We received the Aurora Borealis Mermaid Tail + Monofin set. Emi is 5/6 so we got her the JL, and it fit. The tails are swimminable, and you can walk in them. The monofin it really sturdy and easy to put on. It’s pretty awesome because it really will make you feel like a mermaid! They also include protective stickers so you don’t tear up the ends of your mermaid tail.

suntails mermaid tail pink mermaid tail

They have really thought of everything. The tails have an open bottom incase you need fast access to legs and feet. You won’t feel trapped. The monofins don’t have straps that close around the ankles. They fasten around the top of the feet that way they can be pulled off or kicked off if needed.

The tails weigh 1 pound and won’t weigh you down when swimming. And, since they’re made of regular swimsuit fabric, the tails wont bog you down in the water.

Ready to shop?? Find them here! 

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