Sign up with Scentbird and get 20% off your first month!

I just signed Emi up for Scentbird, and we saved 20% off the first month so it was a little over $11. This subscription is $14.95 per month. Each month you’ll receive a new designer perfume. The samples are .27 ounces. However, these are name brand, and the full sizes are move than $75.

The one I’m looking at is $75 anyway. I can’t afford to purchase all of the perfume my daughter would like to have so this will be a nice way for her to try out scents she wouldn’t normally be able to wear.

You can select what you want for the month, or you can let them ship you the scent of the month. In October, it’s the scent pictured above. Burberry. Brit Sheer.

If you’re a perfume lover but don’t have the funds to purchase full-size bottles or want to sample before purchase, check out this subscription service. Monthly subscriptions are fun! I don’t mind doing this for my daughter. She’s a good kid. Goes to school and stays out of trouble. She’s going to love getting her perfume in the mail each month.

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