Ways to Save Money & Make Money

Ways to save money using apps
Save Money with Apps on Your Smart Phone
You have a smart phone, don’t you? We pretty much all have smart phones so why not use them to
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How I save money using Kroger Clicklist #ATexasMom
How I save Money Using Kroger Clicklist
I have been using Kroger Clicklist since January, and I love it. Clicklist is a curbside service. You shop online,
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How Amazon Firestick Saves Me Over $1200 Per Year #atexasmom
How my Amazon Firestick is Saving Me Over $1200 Per Year
What is an Amazon Firestick? I asked myself that very question for MONTHS before finally taking the plunge and buying
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Freebies, Deals and Everything Else

Checks Unlimited
Cheap Checks for 1st Time Customers with Checks Unlimited
I need a box of checks, and I came across this deal from Checks Unlimited!  Through October 31st, first-time customers,
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Fress sample LA Fresh
Free Sample LA Fresh Wipes
Head here to LA Fresh’s website. Their popup will appear. Sign up for their newsletter to receive a FREE sample!
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Free Sample of Renzo's Vitamins for Kids
Free Sample Renzo’s Vitamins for Kids
I am looking for a good vitamin for my kiddos. Head here to request a free sample of Renzo’s Vitamins
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Free Subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids
Head here to sign up for a free 1-year subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids.
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Cold Brew Chocolate Coffee Bites
Free Sample Cold Brew Chocolate Coffee Bites
I have no idea what these are (cold brew chocolate coffee bites), but I guess that’s the purpose of a
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Free subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine
Free Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine
Head here to request your FREE 1-year subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine from Freebizmags. I get this now from them.
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Product Reviews

Ellie Claire Artistic Journals with instructions
Ellie Claire Art Journals Review
I was sent three different Ellis Claire Art Journals to review from Worthy Publishing. Pictured above you’ll see the “Illuminate
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Book Step Parenting with Grace by Gayla Grace
Step Parenting with Grace Book Review
I was sent “Step Parenting with Grace” written by Gayla Grace to read and review. The author herself is a
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Hope Your Heart Needs Book Review
Hope Your Heart Needs Book Review
I received Hope Your Heart Needs by Holley Gerth for review. This book is a small devotional. It’s small enough
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Random Thoughts of A Texas Mom

Health Goals
Health Goals, even if it’s not January!
“Health goals” does sound pretty cheesy. Why do people wait for January 1 to decide they want to make a
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Huge Prayer Answered in 2017
For the last two weeks, my Facebook newsfeed has been inundated with “2017, you suck” memes. They may not have
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