iMustech Dual Tip Marker Pens Product Review

We were given the chance to review the iMustech Dual Tip Marker Pens. They come in 24 colors. They have a brush tip so they’re perfect for calligraphy or adult coloring books. They also have a pointy tip making them good for bullet journaling.

I may have those tips backwards. Either way, I wanted these for bullet journaling, even though my journal looks pretty comical because I don’t draw well….at all. However, my teenager has taken these from me. She does like to color in adult color books, and she said these markers are perfect. She especially likes how well they color and don’t bleed.

You can also create watercolor effects by wetting the ink after it’s on paper. We haven’t done this. My daughter said she likes them the way they are.

These markers are non toxic and kid safe. They’re easy clean, and they dry fast.

If you are serious business about your markers, I recommend giving these a try. They’re better quality than what you’ll find at your local Dollar General; that’s for sure.

Get them on Amazon for $19.99. At the time of this post, they had a 10% coupon. #iMustech

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