How my Amazon Firestick is Saving Me Over $1200 Per Year

What is an Amazon Firestick?

I asked myself that very question for MONTHS before finally taking the plunge and buying one. It may have been a year or two. I’m not sure how long they’ve been around. I don’t have an official definition of what a firestick is, but I can offer you my definition. It’s a portable stick that fits in the HDMI port in the back of the TV and connects your TV to wi-fi, giving you access to many, many apps that you can use to watch movies and TV shows. Here’s my story about our television addiction that has been broken, and how my Amazon Firestick is saving me over $1200 per year! I can’t really say we “cut the cord” because we didn’t have cable. I’ve had satellite TV for the last…oh 15 years or so.

About three years ago, we went for 6 months with just Netflix before signing back up with satellite television. I missed my stories. I watch Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful on CBS. Is that bad that I went back to satellite television because I needed a local channel? It is what it is.

Fast forward to mid-2017. I did do away with satellite television again. My bill was running $130 a month, and my kids were watching Netflix. They weren’t even watching regular television. I wasn’t either. At that time, I was commuting to work. I was working part-time from home at night. I didn’t have time to watch TV. I was recording my shows on DVR, but it was really hard paying $130 a month for television that no one was even watching. So I shut it off.

Netflix is great. But, I did want CBS back. I also have Amazon Prime, and although I have a smart TV, the Amazon app hadn’t been working on it for awhile so we couldn’t watch Prime anymore. I do like to go in and buy episodes of shows I watch right after they air like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. By having only Netflix on my television and not Amazon Prime, I wasn’t able to do that anymore. I asked around about the Firestick, but I really just didn’t understand the concept behind what it actually does.

I bought the Amazon Firestick.

I finally ordered one for $35 on Amazon, and it’s even cheaper now. The same one I bought back in January is going for $29.99. You can read more about it here. There are fancier ones, but this one is perfect for us. Imagine my surprise when I plugged it in, turned it on, and it welcomed me by name on my television! I didn’t know what was happening, but I hoped for the best. It was easy to hook to wi-fi; very user friendly. My Amazon account was already linked which was cool. Just by basic browsing, I figured out how to download the Netflix app. We signed in to Netflix and were good to go.

There are so many apps on the Firestick. I did the free trial of HBO, Showtime, and CBS All Access. I watched the Superbowl for free on the NBC sports app. I didn’t pay for the CBS All Access app because I can watch my shows on YouTube. Yes, there’s also a YouTube app which gets used when I go on Jimmy Fallon binges or Blake Shelton. 😉 Of course, we have access to Amazon Prime again. I also recently downloaded the ABC app because I wanted to watch the new Roseanne. I thought I’d have to pay for it, but it’s free. I just have to wait a week after an episode airs before I can watch it. So all of the extra apps I thought I’d have to buy, I haven’t had to pay for at all!

What about the remote?

The remote is very small and sleek. While there’s more that I think I can do with Alexa, I use her to launch Netflix and to play certain shows on Amazon Prime. When my mom is over, I use Alexa to show movies with certain actors or actresses in them because my mom can never remember movie names. She just remembers who’s in them. The last movie she wanted to see, we searched for Woody Harrelson because that’s all she could remember about it. And that it was about billboards. It is actually called Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and it was a very good movie. Pretty dark, but it was good.

The remote is easy to work. They even sell these cute little covers you can buy off of Amazon to make them stand out. I haven’t purchased one yet, but there’s a pink one calling my name here, and it’s $6.99. I am about to buy this one. They come in many colors.

I also discovered there’s an Amazon Firestick Remote app that you can download to your phone. It’s not the perfect solution, but it does the trick incase you lose your remote. We lost ours for a few hours so I downloaded the app on my phone, and we used it until the remote reappeared. I’ve kept the app on my phone just incase the remote disappears again.

Just do it!

So, I paid $35 for my Firestick. I pay roughly $12 a month for Netflix so that’s about $144 per year. That’s it. We do rent the occasional movie off of Amazon Prime. The last one we rented was The Dark Tower. The 48-hour rental was $.99. You can’t beat that. My daughters have Roku TVs so they get Netflix and Amazon Prime in their rooms. I need one more Firestick for my bedroom TV, and my entire house will be hooked up and all for a fraction of what I was paying before.

Have you been thinking about cutting the cord or tossing the dish?? Just do it!! The only change you’ll notice is how much money you’re saving each month!

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