How I save Money Using Kroger Clicklist

I have been using Kroger Clicklist since January, and I love it. Clicklist is a curbside service. You shop online, submit your order, and then you go to the store to pick it up. They bring your groceries right out to your vehicle and load them up for you.

Why Kroger over other stores?

Other stores are starting to offer this service. HEB does and so does Walmart. I don’t shop at Walmart so I don’t know how their service compares. I have tried HEB’s Curbside service, but I wasn’t impressed. They charge a service fee per order PLUS an additional fee depending on how much you spend.

Clicklist has several special features that draw me in week after week.

  • Your first five Clicklist purchases are FREE. They waive the $4.95 fee
  • Kroger offers digital coupons weekly, and some are Clicklist only coupons. The value of offers and FREE offers usually add up to more than the $4.95 service fee. I feel it balances out.
  • They only charge $4.95 regardless how big or how small your order is.

I exclusively shop Kroger so I get Best Customer coupons in the mail, and I get special digital coupon offers. The more you shop at Kroger, the more items they’re able to add to your customer profile. As they learn your shopping habits, you’ll start receiving more personalized coupons for products that you purchase often.

Is it bad that I receive the most coupons for cheese? 🙂

Why pay someone $4.95 to shop for you?

When you go into a store, do you shop with a list? Do you deviate from the list? Do you shop with teenagers or small children? I have so many questions! All of our shopping experiences are different.

For me, I do create a list, but I always deviate as I’m walking the aisles of the store. Plus, when I have my teenagers with me, they want everything under the sun. I spend most of my time hearing, “Mom, can I get these chips?” “Mom, I need some pizza roles.” EVERYTHING my teens like is expensive.

My daughter loves Uncrustables. They’re literally a peanut butter a jelly sandwich cut into a circle. I told my daughter to get a loaf a bread, peanut butter and a jar of jelly and make her own. She said it’s not the same. :/

I also have two toddlers. While they love driving around the car carts at Kroger, they can only handle so long in the grocery store. After a short while, they’re ready to go. Once they start getting fussy, it’s hard for me to focus.

Using the Clicklist service allows me to stick to my list. I don’t buy any extras. I do add in treats my kids will enjoy so they’re not totally deprived. But, I plan out their after-school snacks, lunches, etc.

Clicklist also means I don’t have to go through the store shopping and trying to keep toddlers entertained. It’s so easy to shop online, drive to Kroger, call them when I park, and they bring my order right out to me.

How to make the most out of shopping online

Shopping online can be a daunting task. Especially when you have to really think things through. You don’t want to shop all willy nilly. I made a video to show you how go through the weekly ads to see what’s on sale, go through my digital coupons, and how I make note at checkout to ensure Kroger employees know exactly what I want.

I am new to this. I say “so” and “umm” more than I should. I know I do. My son was talking in the background. My little helper lol! But, I think watching this quick tutorial will give you an idea of what you can do to really maximize your savings when shopping Clicklist. Please let me know if you have any questions!!

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