Stop impulse buying!! We can't #savemoney if we're always purchasing goods on a whim!

Stop Impulse Buying

Impulse buying is something I have struggled with for years. Currently, there are several things I want to buy. But, I don’t really need any of it so I’m resisting. I was inspired to write this post in case any of you out there are like me. Hi, my name is Loreina, and I’m a […]
Ways to save money using apps

Save Money with Apps on Your Smart Phone

You have a smart phone, don’t you? We pretty much all have smart phones so why not use them to our advantage and save money using apps? There are many ways you can save money using apps, and while I have not tested them all, I’d like to share the ones that I currently use. […]
How I save money using Kroger Clicklist #ATexasMom

How I save Money Using Kroger Clicklist

I have been using Kroger Clicklist since January, and I love it. Clicklist is a curbside service. You shop online, submit your order, and then you go to the store to pick it up. They bring your groceries right out to your vehicle and load them up for you. Why Kroger over other stores? Other […]