watercolor markers set of 24

iMustech Dual Tip Marker Pens Product Review

We were given the chance to review the iMustech Dual Tip Marker Pens. They come in 24 colors. They have a brush tip so they’re perfect for calligraphy or adult coloring books. They also have a pointy tip making them good for bullet journaling. I may have those tips backwards. Either way, I wanted these […]
quit church book

Quit Church Book Review

I received Quit Church a few weeks ago to review. It’s written by Chris Sonksen. Quit Church is NOT a book about quitting church. At first, I saw the title, and I thought, “What?” The author is writing about quitting our casual, cultural commitment to church. He talks about things we are supposed to do, […]
pink fan

Freewise Personal Fan Product Review

**Post may contain affiliate linksĀ  This personal fan is very cool. Ha, get it?? Very cool?! I crack myself up. So, I received this personal fan at a discount in exchange for my review. The fan is small. It’s a 4 inch hand-held fan. It’s USB rechargeable so you can take it on the go. […]
Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp Product Review

**This post may contain affiliate linksĀ  I purchased this Moon Lamp off Amazon at a discount in exchange for my review. The moon is mysterious and fascinating. The moon is beautiful. I honestly thought this lamp was going to be super cheesy. I was wrong! Just look at my pic above. Doesn’t that look really […]