The Body Factory 5 Resistance Body Bands Review

Resistance Bands

I know how clueless I am about fitness yet I agreed to conduct this review. I’m in over my head lol!

I received the Body Factory 5 Resistance Body Bands that come with 2 Core Sliders. The resistance bands are used for fitness, abs, physical therapy and stretching.

I understand the body bands. There are 5 different strengths, and they’re color coded so you know which is X-Light all the way to X-Heavy.

What I was trying to figure out are the core sliders. They’re dual sided to work on any surface. They’re core strengthening for your glutes, and they burn fat. And I had to google to figure out how to use them.

You put your feet on them and slide around on the floor while you’re doing mountain climbers and bear crawls and all of these exercises I can’t do.

The description says portable and easy. I’m going to pass these onto my teenager. She thinks this set is really cool, and she likes that it comes with a handy dandy carrying case so you can keep all the bands and the core sliders together.

Find the set on Amazon for $9.99.

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