$4.95 Glasses for New Firmoo.com Customers

If you’re a new customer to Firmoo.com, you can get your first pair of glasses for just $4.95. You will have to pay shipping. The lenses are free as long as they aren’t like bifocals and don’t have any tint or anything.

I really like this company. I have purchased glasses through them several times. The pic above is my first pair of Firmoo.com glasses. When I got mine, this was a free deal. That was six years ago. Inflation, ha!

If you’re strapped for cash and need a new pair of glasses or an extra pair for backup, I recommend you get a pair from Firmoo. One of my daughters has been wearing glasses since she was 8 or so. When she was younger, she would break glasses all of the time. Once, another little girl broke her glasses. So frustrating. But, it wasn’t bad because I always had a backup pair from Firmoo.com.

Not only do new customers get a pair of glasses for $4.95, but they always have some sort of specials going on. Right now, they also have a 50% off deal for new customers. The frame selection is a little different for the $4.95 frames and the 50% off frames. 

Check it out!!

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