Ways to Save Money & Make Money

How you can save money using prepaid cell phone service #savemoney #atexasmom
Save Money Using Prepaid Cell Phone Service
One of the biggest changes I made when I decided I needed to cut my monthly expenses back was to
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Stop impulse buying!! We can't #savemoney if we're always purchasing goods on a whim!
Stop Impulse Buying
Impulse buying is something I have struggled with for years. Currently, there are several things I want to buy. But,
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Ways to save money using apps
Save Money with Apps on Your Smart Phone
You have a smart phone, don’t you? We pretty much all have smart phones so why not use them to
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Freebies, Deals and Everything Else

Prime Pantry Amazing Deals
Buy 5, Save $6 Prime Pantry Deals
These Prime Pantry deals are hot!! They were much hotter, but the cheaper products are gone. Sorry I’m slow ya’ll!!!
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LAST DAY for $.99 Photo Mugs from Snapfish
I know, I know! LAST DAY. Ugh. I’m sorry. I just saw this deal so hopefully some of you see
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1850 coffee
Free Sample 1850 Coffee from Folger
Head here to request your free sample of 1850 Coffee from Folger.
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Gone Rogue High Protein Chips
Free Sample Gone Rogue High Protein Chips
Head here to request a free sample of Gone Rogue High Protein Chips. Sound tasty.
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Argan Essence Bath Foam
Free Sample Argan Essence Bath Foam
Head here to request a free sample of Argan Essence Bath Foam. Sounds interesting.
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Knit & Stitch
Free Starter Kit from Knit & Stitch Creative
For you knitters, get a free introductory kit from Knit & Stitch Creative when you sign up. Just pay $1.95
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Product Reviews

Book Step Parenting with Grace by Gayla Grace
Step Parenting with Grace Book Review
I was sent “Step Parenting with Grace” written by Gayla Grace to read and review. The author herself is a
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Hope Your Heart Needs Book Review
Hope Your Heart Needs Book Review
I received Hope Your Heart Needs by Holley Gerth for review. This book is a small devotional. It’s small enough
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Mirrormore Lighted Mirror Product Review
Lighted Makeup Mirror Product Review
I was given the chance to review this Lighted Makeup Mirror sold by MIRRORMORE on Amazon. I got it at
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Random Thoughts of A Texas Mom

5 Ways to Guarantee You're Always Improving
Always Improving
You may have noticed “Always Improving” in my logo. I find myself saying that often whether I’m thinking out loud,
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How to find your passion to blog
Blogging Advice: Find Your Passion
For months, I’ve dreamt of getting this blog up and running. My thoughts are scattered. I don’t really have a
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Health Goals
Health Goals, even if it’s not January!
“Health goals” does sound pretty cheesy. Why do people wait for January 1 to decide they want to make a
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